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Where To Buy Taeyeon's 2nd Japanese mini album '#GirlsSpkOut' - How To Help Taeyeon on Japan's Music Charts

Taeyeon 2nd Japanese mini-album '#GirlsSpkOut'! The title track, "#GirlsSpkOut", is based around a message from Taeyeon: "Expressing your thoughts and showing you you are will have a positive impact on your life." It's the first time a dance song has been featured as a title track. After the title track, "Worry Free Love" is a futuristic tune that anticipates trends. Bringing together R&B and La..

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Where To Buy Taeyeon's 1st Mini Album 'VOICE' - How To Help Taeyeon On Japan's Music Charts

Taeyeon 1st Japanese mini-album 'VOICE' Tracklist: VOICE I Found You HORIZON Vanilla Turnt And Burnt SIGNAL 3 Versions: Regular Edition = CD Live Edition = CD + Japan Showcase Tour 2018 DVD (16 songs) Visual Edition = CD + Photobook + MV + Making Of + Interview Audio Preview: YouTube 'VOICE' Music Video: YouTube LIVE Edition DVD Preview: Youtube VISUAL Edition (Making Of) Preview: Youtube Spotif..

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Where To Buy Taeyeon's The Magic of Christmas Time Special Live DVD

DVD Details: The DVD contains live performances, behind the scenes, rehearsal and interview from Taeyeon during her The Magic of Christmas Time concert held on December 22-24, 2017 at Kyunghee University in Seoul, plus limited merchandise ♥ TracklistDisc 11. The Magic of Christmas Time2. Christmas Without You3. 11:114. Eraser5. Night6. 쉿 Shhhh7. Rain8. 쌍둥이자리 Gemini9. Let It Snow10. Up & Down + G..

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