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Tracklist ( → Highlight Clips):


1. What Do I Call You → MV Youtube / Naver [ Teaser ]

2. Playlist Youtube / Naver

3. To the moon Youtube / Naver

4. 들불 (Wildfire) Youtube / Naver

5. Galaxy Youtube / Naver

6. Happy → MV Youtube / Naver


Album Introduction:


Taeyeon's 4th mini album 'What Do I Call You' is a sentimental album which focuses on only Taeyeon's emotions with her warm and light singing. The album has 6 songs of various genres including the pre-released single 'Happy'. The title track 'What Do I Call You' is an R&B pop song made with unique instruments and has minimal and rhythmical melodies. The song has a chic mood with Taeyeon's groovy vocal charm. Taeyeon's vocals stand out as she sings calmly and nonchalantly about the feelings that still linger around after a breakup. 'Playlist' is an emotional song with an acoustic guitar, a piano, and a retro organ sound combined with Taeyeon's soft and relaxed voice. The lyrics are about gifting a playlist full of memories and affection to a loved one. 'To the moon' is a song that stands out with Taeyeon's singing which is soft yet chic and to the beat. The lyrics express the desire to shake off the emotions and leave to the moon when you're feeling down. In particular, Taeyeon participated in the lyrics and composition of this song, and the production team Devine Channel and R&B artist SOLE added charm by working together with her. 'Wildfire' creates bright energy with Taeyeon's endless vocals on top of a speedy accompaniment. The song raises excitement with cheerful and lively guitar synths, and the lyrics compare the feelings of love that spread passionately to flames in a field. 'Galaxy' is a minimal R&B ballad with a calm guitar and a warm piano melody with Taeyeon's deep emotions. The lyrics talk about a miraculous moment where everything changed after meeting one person. 


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