Taeyeon's Hoa Hoctro Magazine Exclusive Interview 2020


The therapy for healing the soul and the chance for new generation idols.


HHT: More than 12 years as a member of the “Nation Girl Group” and 5 years as a soloist who highlighted her name in the minds of a lot of Korean people, Taeyeon has become not only a great one in SONE’s heart but also an “idol of idols”.


Taeyeon's music is considered as the magical healing flow for the souls. "The voice of a woman who divorced 7 times" knows how to pour solace through her songs. Not only with her voice, but she also sings with her soul - that’s why the feeling in every single sound is felt.


“I’m not always singing ballads!” – from the 1st Mini Album <I>, Taeyeon meant what she said. She proved it through her every work since then. Taeyeon’s 2 full albums, 4 mini albums and a number of sucessful singles of diverse genres during her 5 years as a soloist show us her non-stop effort to feed the ones who follow the something special in her music.


Since the 3rd Mini Album <Something New>, Taeyeon has got a new color in her music, saying goodbye to the ‘My Voice’ era and getting prepared for the full album ‘Purpose’ with a deeper feeling and a higher narrative. This time the 4th Mini Album <What Do I Call You> continues her creativity instead of staying in a safezone. The album goes deeper into R&B, and several songs are mixed with Hiphop. The instrumentation seems more Indie. It’s something fresh and new in Taeyeon’s music, and this may be her first steps to get into a new era for the third full album next year.


Anxiety, introversion…. Some people are worried about these problems for Taeyeon after quite a lot of things occurred to her beloved ones. But after all the unhappy issues, Taeyeon still sings with her beautiful voice as her promise to the ones who “Trust and Listen to Taeng”. She has her music and her SONE. The audience can be relieved: Taeyeon will never be lonely in music. The way she talks about the music is just like that – simple and easy-going like the old days.



HHT: This is Taeyeon's first comeback after the full album 'Purpose' in 2019. How do you feel after letting your fans hear the new album this time?


TAEYEON: I’m so excited. As long as you listen to my music, I'll be patient to release it.


HHT: Can you share more about the title song <What Do I Call You>? What is the storyline of this song?


TAEYEON: <What Do I Call You> is a song about a girl who doesn't know how to call her ex after they break up? She is thinking thoughtfully. The lyrics remind her of their past and also depict the awkward atmosphere between them in the present.


HHT: Which song do you like the most in this 3rd mini album? Tell us the reason please.


TAEYEON: I like <What Do I Call You> the best. You know, it's the title song!


HHT: Your music is all over the world thanks to your beautiful voice. How do you feel when you hear that your voice is “healing voice”?


TAEYEON: Thinking that a lot of people receive healing thanks to my voice makes my day.


HHT: Do you have any healing tips?


TAEYEON: I go for a walk or write down something.


HHT: It's your 13th year already, what are your goals as an artist?


TAEYEON: Even though I've done it already, doing concerts is still my big goal.


HHT: What do you do in your freetime?


TAEYEON: I watch the news, do house chores, or just run some errands in my daily life.


HHT: K-POP was and still has a big influence over the world music market, what do you think about the talents and chances of rookies within the last 5 years?


TAEYEON: I think it's like a world full of new and brilliant ideas. Combined with the personal basic skills as a foundation, there is great syngery overall. I think all the artists who are active lately are doing very well.


HHT: As an SNSD member, you showed yourself as an idol. So as a solo artist, what kind of image do you want to express?


TAEYEON: My passion for music is still the same. It's just my color and my direction in music that keeps changing.


HHT: A message for Taeyeon of the next 5 years?


TAEYEON: “You are always trying your best to become a good singer. Taeyeon ah~ Be proud of yourself!”


HHT: Thank you so much for this interview. We wish you a lot of energy and vitality to keep going on your precious music journey!



Source: Hoa Hoctro Magazine

Translation by ileakty³⁹


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Taeyeon's S Cawaii! Magazine Interview - December 2020


S Cawaii! Magazine Interview - DEC 2020

What Message Does Taeyeon Want To Convey To Women?

Taeyeon is becoming more beautiful inside and out. She spares no effort to appear beautiful before her fans and continues to evolve as an artist. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of a tragic event in her life, what is the message that she wants to convey?

S Cawaii: 
In the new song '#GirlsSpkOut', featuring Chanmina, the message seems to be that "speaking your mind and showing your true self will have a positive impact on your life’.

I believe that whenever we do anything in this life, in this world, it's very important to know yourself very well. And I think that the most important thing is to love yourself and to treasure yourself. Over the last few years, people who were very important to me passed away. I feel like everyone living in this world has forgotten the idea that "my existence is important’, so I wanted to convey that "everyone is important". I've had strong feelings lately that loving yourself and believing in yourself is crucial.

S Cawaii: 
This is your second mini-album in Japan. Please tell us about an episode in the process of making it.

There were many times when I felt like it was my first album in Japan. I felt like a different person while recording each song, because of all the different genres. I think I made a good effort to properly deliver the expression of each song. It was the first time I've had a dance song as the first single, and it was my first collaboration. Each time I make a new album, what I always try to do is make better music and show better performances. My goal is to build on my previous experience and continue singing songs that listeners can relate to.

S Cawaii: 
This time, your collaboration with Japanese artists Chanmina and eill is a hot topic. Please tell us how you came to collaborate with them, and what you enjoyed about the music video shoot.

When I listened to "#GirlsSpkOut" for the first time, I consulted with the staff and told them that I thought a collaboration might be good. Working with other artists is not very common for me. I think there were mutual synergies with this collaboration, and working with Chanmina gave me a lot of good energy and motivation. I was surprised when Chanmina told me that she'd attended Girls’ Generation concerts.

Taeyeon says, "Self-improvement is difficult, but I believe it's the first step towards self-confidence." For 3 December 2020's "S Cawaii! Body Revolution" issue, we also interviewed Taeyeon about how she maintains her style and beauty. Please check out the magazine!


The Secret of Taeyeon's Beauty


Q1. S CAWAII: During these coronavirus times, have there been any changes in your emotions or lifestyle?


TAEYEON: At home I take care of my skin, watch movies, and write a diary. Even when I'm staying at home, I always feel so busy that I never have enough time. I feel like I've become better friends with my dog Zero. And I'm very sad that I was unable to have a Japan tour, which I'd been preparing to do before Corona. I want to see you all on stage soon.


Q2. S CAWAII: Please tell us what you do to stay beautiful.


TAEYEON: I love healthy salads! And as much as I love salads, I love sweets too. So I wake up early every day to eat what I like to eat, and make sure to do aerobics for an hour. I work out as much as I eat.


Q3. S CAWAII: How do you maintain your great sense of style?


TAEYEON: I make sure that anything I wear looks good on me. For example, I try to keep from eating or exercising too much. And I try not to lose my fundamental and natural qualities. We often think about ourselves in this way while looking in the mirror, you know?


Q4. S CAWAII: You've done a lot of filming in your career. Please tell us the secrets of taking beautiful photographs and selfies.


TAEYEON: I think it's important to know yourself well. And to take a lot of pictures! I personally don't like using apps, because I don't want to use unnatural filters. So usually I take photos without those kinds of apps. Recently, my smile feels a bit unnatural, so I take photos with no facial expression. I hope I'll be able to laugh more often...


Source: S Cawaii! Magazine 
Translated by @309KTYSS 
Do not take without crediting!


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