Taeyeon's Vogue Korea Interview - September 2021

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A weekend together with Taeyeon, after 'Weekend'



VOGUE: Not long ago, the ‘Weekend’ activities ended. How are you doing these days?

TAEYEON: I filmed a lot of advertisements. And there is no difference for me on appearing on <Amazing Saturday>. When I’m finished with one album, I worry about the next one already. So, I'm spending time thinking and having meetings about how and what I should do for the next album. Anyhow, it’s sad that the activities for ‘Weekend’ have ended already, because of it being a single.


VOGUE: Isn’t it too short to do album activities for a week?

TAEYEON: But there are 4 days of different stages with different music programs every week. If you think about it that way, it's a lot.


VOGUE: Taeyeon, you are a representative for being a ‘homebody’ in the entertainment industry. Did you stay at home like always this time too?

TAEYEON: Now people tell me “Come out of the house!”. Thanks to those people, I went out a lot with half of my will and half of their will. Recently, I also got an employee card with my name on it. After getting that, I go to the company a few more times than normal (Laughs). I somehow feel a sense of belonging.


VOGUE: You shred your diaries, right? Few days ago, you changed to an iPad. Do you still write diaries these days?

TAEYEON: I write everyday. I even wrote in it yesterday and today at noon.


VOGUE: I guess you don’t write in it at night?

TAEYEON: I don’t write diaries as a summary of the day. I record my feelings at each moment. Sometimes, I write even three times a day. I wrote in it three times yesterday (Laughs). For short entries, it’s about 4 lines long, and for long ones, it's about 10 lines. There are times when I think a lot about work and relationships. By tidying up my thoughts about it, it helps me to know about my emotions and think about other people once more as well.


VOGUE: Is there a password on it?

TAEYEON: It’s an iPad, so you can unlock it with my fingerprint. You can only read it with my index finger (Laughs). The content of it is not that serious. On the days when I wake up late, I just start it with writing something like ‘Strangely, today my eyes opened up late’.


VOGUE: If you strangely woke up late, what time will that be?

TAEYEON: 10, 11 o’clock? I’m a morning person. Normally I wake up at 6 AM and sleep at 1 AM. 


VOGUE: I think it would be inhumane to start your daily life as soon as you wake up at 6 AM. You at least know the fun of rolling around in bed in the morning, right?

TAEYEON: You must roll around for at least an hour. You roll around the bed and get your body ready. And as soon as you get up, you start to unplug all the devices that are fully charged. Then, you change your clothes while holding on to them. After that, I start my work outs at home right away. Boring right? (Laughs)


VOGUE: Not at all. I’m just thinking ‘That’s why you’re Taeyeon’. It’s hard to work out once a week too.

TAEYEON: Haha. I think working out is something compulsory to do every day. If I skip one day, I will feel guilty about it. It’s impossible to workout 7 days a week, but I try hard to do it at least 5 days a week. 


VOGUE: What do you watch during work outs? YouTube videos?

TAEYEON: Mostly eating shows (Mukbangs). I’m a fan of ‘Small-mouthed Haetnim (입짧은 햇님)’. Rather than watching it for her eating style, I watch it because of her chatters, so it’s like I’m having a conversation with her. Other than that, I watch something funny. These days I’m into ‘You Quiz on the Block’ as well.


VOGUE: As you're hitting the full level of being a homebody, how do you separate the levels by beginner, intermediate and advanced?

TAEYEON: As a beginner, you first invite people. Then, you start to purchase home products in your house. Your house starts to look full.


VOGUE: So, you’re saying decorating your house is what, also a beginner level?

TAEYEON: That’s the intermediate level (Laughs). Now that you have bought all the products in your house, you look at the interior and place them in suitable spots. The advanced level is ‘minimalism’. The stage when you start to clean up your house. On the level of thinking ‘I’m going to become a minimalist!’, you frequently clean up your house.


VOGUE: Which level are you on right now?

TAEYEON: The level where you think ‘I’m going to become a minimalist!’. Some things are starting to get in the way of my sight. Pens, notebooks, sticky notes, stickers etc. are stacked up all on my table. It would be much better if I just put those away. I still wonder why there are so many charger wires, power boards and cushions.


VOGUE: Why did you buy so much stationary?

TAEYEON: Writing diaries, I guess. One time, I was into the trend of ‘decorating your own diary’. You never buy one sheet of a sticker. You must at least buy two sheets of them. When you stick one on and then when you want to use the same one, you will need another sheet of it. Pens have different thicknesses, so you have to purchase a variety of them. The receipt from the stationary store was as long as my height! I have proof of it. Can’t even believe it myself (Laughs).


VOGUE: Do you relax on weekends? The song ‘Weekend’ is about getting out of the repetitive life to relax, what is the definition of relaxation to ‘Taeyeon’ yourself?

TAEYEON: In the past, I found relaxing more painful to do. The experience of resting and relaxing was not normal for me, so I didn’t know how to do it. About 5 years ago, it was when I was working hard on activities with Girls' Generation and my solo work. I didn’t know what to do and felt like something was missing and empty. I feel much free now.


VOGUE: Do you have a specific vibe that you like when your relaxing?

TAEYEON: I listen to jazz, ones without lyrics. All the big lights turned off, and just with the small ones on. At night, I enjoy the night view by opening up the curtains. After that, I use a foam roller or a massage ball and do self-massaging. Breathing in the fragrance of the aroma oil. This is how I live.


VOGUE: What’s your favourite day of the week?

TAEYEON: I pretty much don’t have something called a weekend. But I feel like my favourite is the time of the sunset on Fridays. On Friday evenings, massaging myself with lights turned on plus the music, it would be a little lonely, but my body will be relaxed for sure (Laughs).


VOGUE: The loneliness when you're alone, you can’t ignore it.

TAEYEON: I feel all different kinds of emotions. I want to be alone, but at the same time I don’t want to be. Maybe I was born with loneliness. Now, I'm finding a way to enjoy it.


VOGUE: The song ‘Weekend’ doesn’t have a specific high note part or any ad libs. Overall, the song flows naturally. Was there a reason for you, approaching to this song like that?

TAEYEON: I think I just wanted to show something different to what I've done before. When you name ‘Taeyeon’ as a singer, it reminds you of high notes and singing ability. That was not really the vibe I was going for these days. How can a person always put all their energy into it every time? ‘Ad lib? We don’t always need that. I like the flow of the song. I will just go with it’. I was attracted to the ‘Weekend’ that flowed naturally, like water.


VOGUE: On August the 5th, it was the 14th anniversary for Girls' Generation's debut. 

TAEYEON: Every year in August, it was like a party, but it was too bad. This time, right for the pandemic with pyjamas, hair all tied up and ‘no make-up on’, we gathered up through Zoom. It was still meaningful to meet up, chatter and celebrate each other like that.


VOGUE: How is it like to look back on the 14 years of Girls' Generation?

TAEYEON: ‘How did I do it?’ is what I think, and a lot reminiscing of places and memories. For that, I need to become younger now.


VOGUE: You should have a lot of responsibility as a leader.

TAEYEON: Of course, it’s enormous. Even though now I mostly work on my solo albums, I'm still thankful that my existence as ‘Girls' Generation's Taeyeon’ will not change. Thanks to Girls' Generation, I’ve become who I am at this moment.


VOGUE: Was there a time during Girls' Generation activities where you feel you hit puberty?

TAEYEON: The ‘Gee’ era. A ‘powerful’ concept was what I wanted to do then. Maybe, by wanting to act out I thought ‘Gee’ was a cringey song. Mentioning it in interviews as well, people even said ‘Taeyeon doesn’t like the song Gee’. Considering it now, the concept was suitable for that age. The concept was like a freshman at school, being new and young.


VOGUE: Is there an old album that you go back to and listen to?

TAEYEON: Recently, I listened to ‘I Got a Boy’ again. Because now I think ‘Was it that weird?’ (Laughs). But it’s still unique though. This song looked ahead into the future trend. There are a lot of inconstant songs these days. At time, the song was a shock for me.


VOGUE: Sometimes, I listen to ‘Into the new World’. Didn’t you have almost no-make up on in the MV?

TAEYEON: Without a lie, I only had lip balm on, with a light shade of pink. Not even powder. At that time, we just focused on the no-make up look and the energy. If I watch it now, I like it because I look young.


VOGUE: I’m sure it was also the time that you’ve gotten closer with the members.

TAEYEON: We were curious about each other then and tried to understand each other.


VOGUE: When you look at the members now, what comes up to your mind?

TAEYEON: They are adorable. I enjoy watching them annoy each other from a distance. When I see them laugh and chatter, it makes me feel proud. I think ‘You did well to come here. When the kids call you, you should come out. Good. This is what I want’. 10 years have already passed.


VOGUE: Do you think Taeyeon has become an adult now?

TAEYEON: No. I'm still getting ready to. Responsibility is the key in becoming an adult. You also need consideration of others. It’s a lifelong homework. I won't be able to call myself an adult even when I’m 50 years old. Because humans are always lacking.


VOGUE: Today, I’m seeing a new side of you. I thought you would be a shy person.

TAEYEON: I am shy, but I love chatting with people. I’m surprised that I’m appearing on <Amazing Saturday> with a personality such as mine. The attitude of claiming “It’s not right, this is correct!" is impossible to see from me.


VOGUE: When can we see all the Girls' Generation members as one?

TAEYEON: The article about Girls' Generation appearing on <You Quiz on the Block> has been published. So maybe soon?


VOGUE: Can we see you guys as one through music as well?

TAEYEON: We want that too. That is our goal, but it’s not easy to plan out each of our schedules. All the members try hard to make time and a date for it. But that time and date they each make does not work out right.


VOGUE: Now we are on to our last question. Please name this interview for us.

TAEYEON: Um, ‘I want to go home, but at the same time, I want to have a chat as well’ (Laughs).



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