Taeyeon's anan Magazine Issue No. 2227 Interview - December 2020

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anan Magazine Issue No. 2227 Interview - DEC 2020


> Be honest enough with yourself so that you can say 'no'.


ANAN: It has been five years since Taeyeon, a singer with such a wealth of sensitivity and wide expressiveness, began her solo career. You have worked with a diverse array of artists, and have also just shown a new side of yourself with a unique collaboration with Japanese female rapper Chanmina.


TAEYEON: The song is wonderful, with perfect lyrics and a great sound. I'm really satisfied with it. Chanmina is so full of charming energy, and she grabs hold of your heart and doesn't give it back. She is a person who can really express what she feels, and I learned a lot from her when we shot the music video together. 


ANAN: In the music video, you both demonstrated a "girl crush" concept by driving an ambulance, and by getting revenge on a pick-up artist who approached you on the street by putting him in the hospital. Have you ever been approached by a boy in the city like that?




ANAN: That scene of such strong intention was very impressive, although it is very different from your quiet image.


TAEYEON: It might seem surprising, but I'm very good at refusing things (laughs). I always want to be honest with my feelings, but when I turn something down I always try my best not to offend or seem rude in any way. When I was younger, I didn't have the kind of personality to speak my mind and say what I did and didn't like. As people grow older, the number of decisions they have to make in life will naturally increase. Through this process, I learned what I liked and hated, and I eventually learned how to say no.


ANAN: That sounds like a collaboration between Taeyeon and herself.


TAEYEON: Being honest with your own true feelings and showing your true self to others will definitely have a positive effect on the way you live.


ANAN: Chanmina must have agreed with these words too. These are also the words that Taeyeon once spoke from the stage.


TAEYEON: Certainly. I spoke those same words at my concerts last year. I'm the type who always wants to communicate with my fans during concerts, and I think the words came out unintentionally at the time. But I'm glad that Chanmina agrees with that too. It gave me a sense of unity with her that she feels the same way.


ANAN: You made your debut in 2007 with Girls' Generation, you started activities in Japan in 2010, and you made your solo debut in 2015. You've had many turning points in your life. Is there one clear "life turning point" that comes to mind for you?


TAEYEON: I think my life can be divided into two parts: before I started working in Japan and after. My personality had the same turning point, and it was when I started truly realising my potential as a singer. Living abroad was a big challenge for me and starting activities in Japan gave me new goals. I think it was an opportunity for me to grow up in a positive way. Also, it was around this time when the bonds between the Girls' Generation members started to deepen. Looking back now, that was a very important turning point in my life. And of course, there were many Japanese fans there cheering us on, so I want to thank them once again for their support.


ANAN: Since then, you've made your solo debut, and you've worked very hard for the past five years becoming stronger and more resilient.


TAEYEON: What's changed the most in the past five years is how I treat myself. I used to feel small and full of anxiety about everything, but now I have control over myself and calm myself down on command. I think I'm better about being positive and seeing the glass as half full. I've spent the past five years creating that kind of inner life for myself. I'm proud of this valuable experience, and I'm proud that I didn't waste any of that precious time. This past year has been a very profound one for me.


> My inner positivity is what inspired me.


ANAN: A long time ago, you were a girl whose ethereal and angelic appearance contrasted with a voice that was stronger and more assured than anyone else's. Now, the positive light inside your heart is illuminating you.


TAEYEON: I do give myself credit for working so hard on myself. There have been many times when I have felt anxious, but each time I've also been inspired by myself. So I'd like to praise the positive power inside me (laughs). Fans are always a motivation for me, but I think I am a motivating force for myself as well.


ANAN: Supporting you today is Zero, the dog that will appear in the magazine with you.


TAEYEON: My best friend!


ANAN: He was well-behaved during the photo shoot.


TAEYEON: Zero can't speak, but I think dogs understand each other. I somehow understand what Zero is thinking, but Zero doesn't understand me (laughs loudly). On days when I want to relax, he's like, "Let's play! Pay attention to me!" I sometimes get frustrated by this, and I wish I could convey to Zero what I'm thinking... I could just sigh (laughs). But this is a cute situation too! I take a walk with Zero every day. I don't decide when, as it depends on his mood. It's always a happy time for me. Also, it's been getting cold recently, so he's happy when he's on his warm electric mat (laughs).


ANAN: You've faced the anxiety in your heart and increased your inner strength. You've gained the freedom to express yourself as you are, without any difficulty. Do you have a message for anan readers? We have many readers who are women of the same generation as you.


TAEYEON: All women experience a lot of troubles in their twenties and thirties. I'm in the same age group, so I understand this very well. I get worried sometimes, and I think it's the same for everyone. These are the years when you experience a lot of things for the very first time. Speaking for myself, I've been attending a lot of weddings lately (laughs). I think it's probably time for me to lay the foundation for the next stage of my life. So as we all face experiences for the first time, I think that everything is a learning experience, so let's all do our best to get through them... was that answer a little too heavy (laughs)?


> The stage is the 'final destination' for me.


ANAN: Your mini-album "#GirlsSpkOut" includes the song "Be Real", a song that delicately expresses the perspective of an adult woman with grown-up concerns. When something is worrying you, how do you deal with it?


TAEYEON: I like to write in a diary. I often feel calm inside when I'm able to organise my thoughts into complete sentences. Writing this way has become a habit for me. I'll go shop for a diary notebook by myself. I'll choose a beautiful notebook to write in, and customise it by putting cute stickers on it.


ANAN: When did you start writing a diary?


TAEYEON: I started writing it when I debuted with Girls' Generation. After work was finished, I wrote down what happened that day. I filled a lot of books, and it was difficult to let them go... but I have a very cautious personality, so I burned them and threw away the ashes just in case (laughs). I can't read my past diaries because I get too embarrassed. Besides, I'm the type of person who doesn't look back on the past!


ANAN: You once talked about your love of the stage on Instagram. "Because I'm a singer, I want to sing and I want to perform." What kind of a place is the stage for you?


TAEYEON: The stage is the place where a singer really feels like a singer. On the stage I feel many different emotions: joy, happiness, satisfaction. The stage is the "final destination" for me. The enthusiasm and inspiration coming from the fans, I can feel it inside my body when I perform. That's what the stage means to me... Also, it's a place where I can meet a large number of my fans all at once. I'm very grateful that so many people come to the venue with the same purpose as mine, and the stage is a place I want to cherish forever.


ANAN: Do you have any stay-at-home addictions these days?


TAEYEON: I became addicted to making beaded bracelets over the summer, so I had an event where I gave them to my fans. I also like to draw, so I've been drawing a lot during homestay. I often search for good movies to watch too.



ANAN Magazine Q&A


ANAN: What is your favourite colour?


TAEYEON: I like purple. Best of all, I like a subdued purple with a little bit of blue. For smartphone cases, colour pens, plastic sockets and other small items that are important points, I always end up purchasing purple ones.


ANAN: What colour do you choose when you want to feel healthy and calm?


TAEYEON: Purple makes me feel energized and passionate. When I want to change my mood, I often put on bright red lipstick. When I want to relax, I turn on a mood lamp. Navy blue-coloured light helps me feel calm.


ANAN: Have you ever been addicted to one colour?


TAEYEON: Whenever I buy electronic equipment, I always choose black! Most of my clothes are black. I like white interiors though. My beds, bed covers, pillows, sofas and closets are all white.


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